What are large companies really paying in taxes?

The site NerdWallet.com set out to answer that question, as well as questions about income disparities between low earners and high earners within companies (I’ll get to that in a future post). They’ve built a sweet interactive tool, as well as a solid write-up about corporate tax rates. Some key insights: The corporate tax rate…

Links: August 14

Publishing online has never been easier (hell, I’m doing it). From finding a platform to building a site and ensuring it’s optimized for search, it’s all much simpler for non-technical folks to build on the Web than it used to be. Sure, there will be more technical advances in the future, but as Robert Bruce…

Links: August 7

Seth Godin discusses how media alignment has become a problem for television – what advertisers want and what viewers want have diverged over the past decade. Is the same thing happening to Twitter? Red Sox Beacon on Boston’s struggles this year. The lesson: “Simple explanations are often at once unsatisfactory and accurate.” Do younger African-Americans…

Gut Churn, and the freedom to not know what you’re doing

Jad Abumrad, co-creator and host of the sublime Radiolab, wrote recently about how the science-and-everything-else show got its start. It was an amorphous thing – Mikel Ellcessor, the program director at WNYC, wanted Jad to put together a show to fill a one-hour slot on Sunday nights, and it could be about whatever Jad wanted….

Hello world!

This is a first test post. Thanks for your vote.