Links: August 14

  • Publishing online has never been easier (hell, I’m doing it). From finding a platform to building a site and ensuring it’s optimized for search, it’s all much simpler for non-technical folks to build on the Web than it used to be. Sure, there will be more technical advances in the future, but as Robert Bruce points out, the Web really just wants one thing from you now.
  • Gregg Easterbrook on a simple change in Pop Warner football that could help make football safer at all levels – and help the NFL maintain its popularity into the future.
  • It’s easy to see why Square has become so irresistible to small businesses: credit card processing anywhere you go, a flat fee (currently 2.75% on all transactions), no-fuss signup, etc. Looks like Starbucks is frothing at the mouth (sorry) to get their hands on Square’s growth.
  • Great visual of how Twitter carried the selection of Paul Ryan as his VP running mate (click for enlarged image):


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