Hey, I’m Div.

I’m a marketer, university instructor and consultant. I’m head of marketing at AccountantsWorld, a leader in cloud software for professional accounting firms. I have over 15 years of experience in areas including: online and offline marketing, marketing strategy and execution, content creation and distribution, social media, e-commerce, analytics and data mining, and new product development.

I’m also a part-time lecturer at UNC Chapel Hill, in the School of Information and Library Science, teaching a graduate course on “Management for Information Professionals”. I’ve previously served on the faculty of UMBC (that’s the University of Maryland Baltimore County if you weren’t sure) and Seattle University. I’ve taught a number of undergraduate and graduate course in marketing, as well as courses in management and information systems.

Finally, I provide marketing and business strategy consulting for organizations of all sizes and types. I’ve worked with clients in numerous industries, including educational services, online advertising, toys and games, and the visual arts. If you’re interested in discussing how I might be able to help your organization grow, email me. I always welcome interesting conversations!

Twitter: @divbhansali. If you’re fanatical about NBA basketball, you can also check out @statcenter.

Linkedin: divbhansali

All opinions expressed in this blog are mine, so don’t blame my employer(s), wife, kids, friends, nemeses, or fate.

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